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The Wareham Neighbourhood Plan is our community’s opportunity to help shape future development in the Parish of Wareham which includes Northport, Northmoor and Carey. Last year local residents gave their views on a wide range of issues and highlighted affordable housing for local people as a top priority.

As you may be aware, the Purbeck Local Plan is currently being reviewed. Two sites for new housing development have been proposed by Purbeck District Council (PDC) as options in the Local Plan Review - 500 homes west of Wareham and 205 north of Wareham. PDC is now organising public forums across Purbeck for all interested parties. The central area forum includes Wareham and is due to take place on 28thJune, 6th September and 12th October at 6pm at the Rugby Club, Bestwall Road. Please check on nearer the time and attend if you can.

Whilst most residents recognise the need for some development, the majority of residents who responded to our survey last year were opposed to the District Council’s proposals. The site to the west of Wareham lies on the far side of the bypass and would effectively create a separate community. The site also lies within the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty where national policy is against major development. The site to the north of Wareham lies within the green belt and would affect the well-used Northmoor allotments.

Clearly some development is needed if we are going to provide affordable housing to meet local needs. However, Wareham is very constrained by flood plains, the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Green Belt and Nature Conservation designations. Wareham Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has therefore objected to the District Council’s Options.

The Group has identified a number of potential housing sites within the town including Cottees, the old Gasworks site in North Street and the Health Centre and Hospital sites, if health facilities are moved to a new health hub on the site of the former Middle School.

As an alternative to the District Council’s two sites to the west and north of Wareham, the Neighbourhood Plan Group has identified a possible site to the west of Westminster Road south of Bere Road with access via Bere Rd so as to avoid bringing additional traffic through the residential area. Whilst within the green belt, this site:

  • would be less visible from adjoining countryside than the options identified by PDC

  • would not affect the allotments

  • would be better placed to provide an alternative green space that would relieve

pressure on Wareham Forest

The North Wareham Action Group has pointed out the potential for regeneration of the Westminster Road Industrial Estate as much of the land is underused. Government Policy encourages reuse of brown field land and so this is also being investigated by the Neighbourhood Plan Group.

To find out more about our alternative sites please come to a drop-in consultation:

  • Sat 20th May 10am – 1pm in Wareham Town Hall

  • Sat 3rd June 10am - 1pm at the junction of the Bere Road entrance to

Northmoor Park and Northmoor Way.

Please also complete our Spring Survey online at or on our Facebook page: Wareham Neighbourhood Plan. Or complete the survey overleaf. If you would like you can email us at:

In order to take part in the survey follow the first link below to complete online, or the second link to see more information regarding the questions.

Thank you.

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