Wareham Neighbourhood Plan

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How did it all start?

In areas with a parish or town council, the parish or town council will take the lead on neighbourhood planning. They have long experience of working with and representing local communities. 

Wareham Town Council considered the idea of developing a Neighbourhood Plan for Wareham at their Annual Meeting in April 2015. The Town Council then applied to Purbeck District Council to proceed with the development of a Neighbourhood Plan for Wareham. Purbeck District Council consulted the public in August 2015 and having received no objections gave the go ahead on 10th October 2015.

Wareham Town Council formed a steering group comprised of councillors, local residents and businesses.


Wareham Neighbourhood Plan Examination and proposed changes

(August 2019)

  • Wareham Neighbourhood Plan Examiner Questions 22.07.19 - VIEW

  • Wareham Examiner Additional Questions 30.07.19 - VIEW

  • Response to NP Examiner 01.08.19 - VIEW​​

  • Proposed changes to Wareham Neighbourhood Plan 01.08.19 - VIEW​​

  • Proposed Additional Changes to Wareham Neighbourhood Plan 15.08.19 - VIEW​​

  • Wareham Neighbourhood Plan Inset map 1 31.07.19 - VIEW​​

  • Wareham Neighbourhood Plan Inset Map 2 31.07.19 - VIEW​​

  • Wareham Plan Overall Policies Map 31.07.19 - VIEW​​

  • Wareham Railway Station Advice 13.12.17  - VIEW​​

  • Wareham Neighbourhood Plan Advice 04.10.18 - VIEW​​

  • Wareham Neighbourhood Plan Statement of Common Ground 02.08.19 - VIEW​​

  • Bog Lane SANG Construction management plan - VIEW​​

Opportunity to comment.

(22nd October – 3 December 2018)

Wareham Town Council would like to thank all those who commented on the Wareham Neighbourhood Plan during June/July 2018. Amendments have been made to the Plan in response to comments and a revised Neighbourhood Plan was considered by the Town Council on Tuesday 9th October. This has now been submitted to Purbeck District Council and the District is now publishing the final draft for comment.



The Plan has been developed in consultation with local residents and businesses over a period of some 3 years. It can be viewed, along with supporting documentation below and at Wareham Library, Purbeck District Council and Wareham Town Council.


A form to complete with your comments can be found on the

Purbeck District Council website here.

Supporting documents;


  • Housing Needs Assessment (AECOM)    -   VIEW

  • Site Assessment (AECOM)   -   VIEW

  • Updated Master Plan (AECOM)   -   VIEW

  • Viability Assessment (AECOM)   -   VIEW

  • Employment Needs Assessment (Dorset Planning)   -   VIEW

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment (AECOM)   -   VIEW

  • Basic Conditions Statement (Dorset Planning)   -   VIEW

  • Consultation Statement (including responses to the Reg 14 consultation) (Wareham Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group)   -   VIEW

  • Wareham Town Centre Retail Report January 2018 (Cushman and Wakefield)   -   VIEW

  • Local Green Space Assessment (Dorset Planning)   -   VIEW

  • Walking and Cycling Routes Assessment (Dorset Planning)   -   VIEW

  • Statement regarding Habitats Regulation Assessment   -   VIEW



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